Danny’s Day Information


Danny’s Day 2017 – June 24th

Thanks for checking in on our activities for Danny’s Day 2017. This year we will be only doing the blood drive which will be held on June 24th at the Hutta Gym at St. Matthew School.  The big reason for the change is the marriage of our son, Michael Arnold to his best friend and fiance, Brianna Ruth on June 10th. As most of you know, Lisa Ruth was the creative force in making Danny’s Day a reality in 2012 and each year since. But as mother-of-the-bride, she and her family, as well as our family have a lot going on this year with wedding planning etc., so for now, we’ll host the blood drive as our community service activity. We hope you will sign up for a donation time at the link below.

We also hope you and your family will do your own act of community service in the coming weeks and pay it forward for the blessing you have received. Please try and find a few hours to share your time and talents with those in some kind of need.

To sign up for a donation time click this link to go directly to the Red Cross Danny’s Day site:    Red Cross Site for Danny’s Day

We are currently supporting the following organizations with volunteers: